Our Filming

We are now in an era of streaming on Social Medias and reaching to other types of platform other than just websites.

Live Streaming

With over 57% of marketers live streaming their content, it’s not hard to see why brands are jumping into the streaming business. With our experts, we can get your content up the right way the first time at affordable pricings. There’s no shame in admitting the technical side live streaming can be overall overwhelming. We’ll tackle the right streaming platform with tips for a stable internet connection when live streaming.

Virtual Reality Management

Take your special event to the next level with on-demand live streaming that’s high quality, affordable, and available whenever you need us. This is the perfect opportunity to share your special moment with all your friends and family.

Drone Filming

Filming now is no longer 180 degree footage, it’s the WHOLE package! Our crew years of experience in filming can make your full 360 degree shooting a wonderful experience for your next video producing. Everything takes planning for example; When to shoot? What aerial angle shot? and of course, Where is my hero shot?

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