Responsive Web Development

In our increasingly mobile world, just having a website isn’t enough. A static site that doesn’t automatically adapt to display well on mobile phones or tablets makes a poor impression on visitors and gets penalized by search engines. That’s why DotTrend creates websites that use Responsive Design so they automatically adjust to look terrific on any device and screen size. 

There are eight steps in our design process, starting with the acquisition of a suitable domain name. We work with you to map your site and build a layout that covers all of the features that you need or want. Using our formula, you can have a modern, high-quality site in less than two weeks.

We work with popular publishing platforms such as WordPress or we can create a new site from scratch using advanced tools like Drupal or HTML5. Our staff will provide training so that you or your employees can easily add new articles, photos or documents to keep the site fresh.

To see what we have created for our clients, check out our Website Design Portfolio.

Our Most Wanted Services

Technology changes so fast today that we continue to move with the high-tech wave. 
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With over 57% of marketers live streaming their content, it’s not hard to see why brands are jumping into the streaming business. With our experts, we can get your content up the right way the first time at affordable pricings.
Start Your Journey Where Change, Imagination & Opportunity Meet. Explore Beyond The Internet. We Design, Build, Operate & Scale Metaverse Capabilities & Experiences For Our Customers.
Advantage to web-based software is that all your data is centralized & accessible over the web from any computer at any time. Overall, it’s affordable!

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