Create Your Game

Now is a great time to build your game in the Metaverse! It’s the future of gaming!  If you have ideas?  Let us know about it!

Custom Web Development

Do you have a web development project that needs to be taken over?  Our team has over 30 years of experience in programming scripting that can take over any project.

responsive web design

Professional web design on any platform such as WordPress or Wix.  We offer site development as little as $699 with 1st year SSL free!

Why Choose DotTrend, Inc?

We’re a Full Circle IT Agency from Web Development to Networking

Our clients receive personal assistance starting with an initial brainstorming session. Every project gets a timeline with checkpoints, an agreed delivery schedule and quality assurance reviews prior to launch and support afterwards. That’s a standard of service you won’t get from the quickie website vendors.

Our Filming

We create your vision and the reality comes to life

We are now in an era of streaming on Social Medias and reaching to other types of platform other than just websites.

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