How it all began and created their world of technology

DotTrend, Inc was founded by Wayne Bui & Diahanna Bui on March 1, 2004. The company since then has successfully created over 8,000+ projects and has helped 1,800+ small businesses grew in sales 500% revenue. Our team has over decades of experience in the tech industry. In the beginning, we began with a simple goal in mind – “Design and develop the customer’s website in front of them.” This process allowed us to finish the project from beginning to end within a day. Customers did not need to wait for days or even months for their business website to be completed.

Over the years, we assembled a staff of knowledgeable programmers, designers and engineers. DotTrend, Inc also established working relationships with experts in a variety of technical fields who can be called on to contribute to specific projects. After all, we were more about customer projects then the regular cookie cutters.  

Focusing on the Midwest and South-Central regions, DotTrend created websites and content-management systems for thousands of clients, including many repeat customers. Today, the company’s expertise has broadened to include software and mobile app development, database infrastructure design and management, online game development, e-commerce solutions and custom software services.  

DotTrend employees know that their primary mission is to deliver maximum business value to its customers by providing efficient and high-quality software solutions and support. Our aim is 100% client satisfaction.

Our Most Wanted Services

Technology changes so fast today that we continue to move with the high-tech wave. 
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