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Database Infrastructure

Business runs on databases. Whether they contain product lists and prices, customer contact information, indexed documents or employee records, databases are often the crown jewels of commerce in the digital domain and the brick-and-mortar world.

And if a database is not properly designed or maintained, it can lead to customer complaints and inhibit opportunities for growth. At DotTrend, we understand the importance of quality database design and management. That's why we have invested in staffing and training in order to offer the highest level of database programming and assistance.   

Whether you need to enhance and expand your existing database, diagnose and repair a nagging problem, transfer data to a new and more robust platform or move it to the cloud, DotTrend can meet the challenge. Our programmers can improve data retrieval response times for your current system or design and program a completely new custom database application. We provide the source code and all documentation to support your in-house staff.

We want to hear your database war stories, so contact us to set up a free consultation.

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