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Drone Filming

Step into the next century of filming!  Drone filming is revolutionizing the way people look at video.  Drone filming isn’t too different from making a regular film footage.  Now a days, people want to see more than just 360-degree angle, they want to see the WHOLE thing!  That includes the top and bottom on top of all around footage.

Drone filming at times can be called God’s Eye Viewing.  It’s very cost effective especially saving your renting a helicopter for the day of filming.  It’s a better to capture new perspectives outside the usual vision from the ground.

Wait!  There’s laws and regulations with the FAA?  No worries, we understand our boundaries and you require more, we can get them licensed and approved easily.    We respect the rules from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that provides.  We know what to expect and make drone filming professional picture perfect!

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